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After couple of months of hetic schedules and assignments, personal and work wise, finally i was manage to start my blog again. Time again to clean the cobb web and put some fresh flower pots next to the window.

So for today, let me share some of the photos taken at my recent assignments. Enjoyed! and hoped to see you back here again.

Celebrating Kian Seng + Lay Hoon

wedding photo

link to facebook page.

Celebrating Choon + Pei Pei

link to facebook page.

Celebrating Chin Yang + Bee Gaik

link to facebook page.

I had plenty of fun during these assignments and i know the couples did too. Stay tuned as i will create a new post soon (not w months of few weeks, should be within the next few days :))

Until then…


Gerard was looking for a unique wedding favor for his sister’s wedding and suggested the idea of a photo booth. I love how it makes such a fun & memorable souvenir for guests – what else could be more customized than an actual photo of yourself with your friends/family or the wedding couple!

I set up an area at the reception area where guests could feel free to have their photos taken and printed out after a few minutes. To say that the guests were skeptical at first would be an understatement.

“Sure or not few minutes only?”
“Is it a real photo or just printed on a piece of paper?”

When the photos were printed out and mounted onto a card personalized with the wedding couple’s name and date, everyone was delighted with the results. In fact, some loved it so much that they kept going back to take different photos and asked for more reprints – it was definitely a crowd pleaser.

Basic setup – we can offer more quirky and fun backdrops with cool props. Fancy a light saber anyone?

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it … pose your heart out!

Guests waiting to collect their customized wedding favors

For guests to take home a special piece of the wedding and remember this night forever, I arranged for the wedding couple’s name and date to be printed on a card and the photo is then mounted on it. Have a particular theme? A quote that you’d like to share with your guests? The possibilities are endless!

If you’re keen on setting up a photo booth at your next event, drop me a note 🙂

Congratulations to Jean & Hwa Loon.

The couple lives only a block away from us so this is the first time i walked to a brides’ home carried my camera and bag to capture their special day. As the priest of the church called it “the union of two souls”.
















Finally, the photomontage of Sze Yen & Jin Siang wedding day. Enjoy!