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After couple of months of hetic schedules and assignments, personal and work wise, finally i was manage to start my blog again. Time again to clean the cobb web and put some fresh flower pots next to the window.

So for today, let me share some of the photos taken at my recent assignments. Enjoyed! and hoped to see you back here again.

Celebrating Kian Seng + Lay Hoon

wedding photo

link to facebook page.

Celebrating Choon + Pei Pei

link to facebook page.

Celebrating Chin Yang + Bee Gaik

link to facebook page.

I had plenty of fun during these assignments and i know the couples did too. Stay tuned as i will create a new post soon (not w months of few weeks, should be within the next few days :))

Until then…


Sze Ping & Anand wanted some family photos together with their toddler, Aiden. To add to the fun, her sister, Sze Yen, also decided to join in.

The photos were taken at the children’s playground next to Gurney Plaza, it’s a very pleasent spot and Aiden had lots of fun playing there.

Yen’s a close friend of mine and her grandmother’s birthday was coming up so she asked if I could take a few snaps for her. I happily obliged – her grandmother’s one very feisty lady with a lot of character and they’ve a big family so it was a  fun experience shooting the dinner at Starview. Took this opportunity to use high ISO and a few shots using Nissin Di866.











My new Tamron is now sick.

A few days ago, it started to develop a strange behaviour, the lens is not focusing when i press my button half way, even with dial set to auto focus, it just wont move. Initially i thougth was the camera, but the camera work alright, i can change from P to A, S or M without issue, only the lens that is not focusing.

I had also removed the battery grip, hoping it will help, but the same thing happened. The lens just wont focus.

It is so amazing how fast kids grow up. The last time we met BB Shawn, that was 2 months ago. He’s growing bigger and with attitude :). As my sister-in-law is a stay home mom, he is pretty attached to his mother.

Photos when he was born, so tiny and so fragile.

Here are photos of Shawn when he was 2 months old

More photos of Shawn when he was 4 months old