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After couple of months of hetic schedules and assignments, personal and work wise, finally i was manage to start my blog again. Time again to clean the cobb web and put some fresh flower pots next to the window.

So for today, let me share some of the photos taken at my recent assignments. Enjoyed! and hoped to see you back here again.

Celebrating Kian Seng + Lay Hoon

wedding photo

link to facebook page.

Celebrating Choon + Pei Pei

link to facebook page.

Celebrating Chin Yang + Bee Gaik

link to facebook page.

I had plenty of fun during these assignments and i know the couples did too. Stay tuned as i will create a new post soon (not w months of few weeks, should be within the next few days :))

Until then…


Finally, the photos of Hard Rock Hotel, soft launch on Saturday 19 Sept in Penang. I didnt go there to view the opening but had an appointment with Andrea’s hairstylist, who had her salon opening at the lower ground floor of the hotel.

The first look of the hotel –  simple and minimalist, so if i took the shot directly, it will look very very boring to you. So i decided to take a few shots (brackets the shots) and do a HDR out of it. Result is a stunning piece of work! (looks like a digital painting ??!!:))

Photo taken using D5000 18-55mm

HDR_hard rock hotel PG

The view of Hard Rock Hotel from the beach / back. This panorama was a combination of 8 photos and later put together using Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.


The intriguing light-work at the front entrance, the light-work changes it colour every few minuets.


Reflection of Andrea with the Art work of the Beatles.


Another panorama photo – combined in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 using 3 photos


One of the Function Hall use for Wedding ceremony / dinner


a customer-made Hard Rock wedding cake….


each of the chairs are decorated with a guitar pinned to the back, rather than a traditional ribbon.


One of the staff told me the maximun table allowed is 30 and the price starts at RM888 per table…


more photos…..Pizzeria….Starinz ….



“welcome back my friend, the show that never ends” a message display at the entrance of Hard Rock Hotel. Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando USA has a similar message at the Hard Rock Cafe main entrance. If you wonder what E.L.P. means, its a name of a English progressive rock supergroup – Emerson, Lake & Palmer


Photos of Hard Rock Cafe to come tomorrow, stay tuned…

Here’s the contact and map if you need it.

Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Batu Ferringhi Beach,
11100 Penang, Malaysia
Tel:  +60 4 8811711
Fax: +60 4 8812155


Photo taken with Nikon D5000 19-55mm.

3 shots  (over, normal, under exposed) taken and process in Photomatix & later Post processed in Photoshop CS.

regency height view

This photo is created by merging 2 HDR photos into one to create this panorama view. Panorama done in Photoshop CS.

HDR_panorama_regency Height

Hi folks, my first panorama.

Photo taken using Nikon D5000. 18-55mm leans.

Photos are then put up together in Photoshop using layers.


The below had been put together using Photoshop Elements 6, and it took me 2 mins to do that….:)