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Dear Hayden,

You’ve been in our lives now for nearly 3 months and you have taught me what unconditional love means. It takes a lot of patience, strength and plenty of love to cope with sleep deprivation, 24×7 hands on care and yes of course, the dreaded nappy change, particularly when you just did an explosive poop or even worse, when you projective poop in the middle of a change and it splatters on us!

I’ve to admit, when Mummy and I first brought you back from the hospital, we didn’t know much about newborns. When you cried, we’d to figure out whether if you were hungry, needed a nappy change or simply just a cuddle. There were some frustrating moments where you were screaming and we just didn’t know what you wanted. Google also came a lot in handy at times (eg: what to do with nappy rash, how long would it take for your umbilical cord to heal, etc)

Parenthood has been a tremendous learning curve. Before your arrival, all the baby books and websites frowned upon co-sleeping so Mummy kept insisting that you’re not supposed to sleep in our bed. Hah! The first new nights when all 3 of us were settling into our new routines, there were times where we were so exhausted, we’d wake up to find you sleeping in between Mummy and me even though we both swore that we’d tucked you back into your cot.

You practically lived in your swaddle and when it got unexpectedly dirty, we’d panic because that meant no uninterrupted sleep for all of us until it got cleaned. There was also a time where you insisted on being cuddled to sleep and Mummy and I took turns using pillows to prop ourselves up in bed, sitting and sleeping as we hugged you to our chests. Mummy nearly went bonkers – from a minimum of 10 hours sleep a night, her sleeping time was slashed down to nearly just 2 – 3 hours now.

So far we’ve managed avoiding getting you a stroller yet though I’m skeptical as to how long that will last as Mummy keeps saying that we can get away with babywearing you. You seem to love it each time Mummy slips you into the pouch we’ve got and snooze away many afternoons spent at quick lunches and grocery shopping trips.

You’re now learning how to smile and laugh at us. You’re also exploring how your little hands works and we’ve caught you staring at your fists countless times. You love sucking and even though you refuse to suck on your pacifier, you enjoy sucking on everything else, from our arms as we carry you, our knuckles to even sucking at the air which Mummy dubs as your “invisible pacifier”. You’re also trying to cram both fists into your mouth though it requires more dexterity and practice.

We love you lots, kiddo 🙂

After months of anticipation, little Hayden has arrived.

As cute as a button and yes, we’ve been up at all hours of the night looking after him. Whew, being first time parents isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. But when we see him smile at us,  all the sleep depreviation is worth it.

Enjoying the last few weeks of our weekends together before the little one arrives.

Friday night dinner at Tsuruya E Gate

Good food, great company with close friends is the best way to kick start a weekend. The star of the night was little Nat boy who got along with just about anyone and nearly followed the waitress home!

JoJo at starbuckAlex with his new toy. A gift from Adelene

Adelene with her new toy!! A gift from Alex… what a lovely couple.

my lovely wife -Andrea.

Saturday afternoon visiting Mary Ann who had just given birth to a handsome little baby boy.

The hilarious part was each time I took a photo of him, even with the flash off, he’d automatically turn his head to where the camera was. It got to the point where I was standing at an awkward angle behind him that Choon Siew told me to have pity the poor baby and just take the photo right in front of him so he didn’t have to strain his neck!

Sunday afternoon playing with my new toys (full review to follow soon).

Someone once said men are just boys with bigger toys …

Shawn celebrated another milestone last weekend – it was his 1st birthday! It’s also a testimonial to my brother and sis-in-law’s celebration of being parents for 12 months, an amazing achievement. It was fun seeing how fast he has grown up as it felt like not too long ago, I was just craddling him in my arms as a newborn.

The birthday boy was still fast asleep when most of his guests arrived so I managed a few snaps.
how&shawn DOB4

how&shawn DOB2

how&shawn DOB10

how&shawn DOB11