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Heading up the foot of St.Paul’s Hill. These steps lead to the remnants of St. Paul’s Church. St. Paul’s Church was built by a Portuguese named Duarte Coelho in 1521 with various renovations added to the place throughout the 1500s.

Although it is now known as St. Paul’s Church, it was not always so. Its original name was “Our Lady of the Hill”. However when the Dutch took over Malacca and turned the church premise into a burial ground, it was renamed. There are still various tombs of Dutch noblemen found at the grounds for that historical sentimentalism.

One tomb was particularly heart wrenching. Written on the tombstone were the names and dates of family members who had past away within days from each other. Their names and ages were etched on the tombstone. Some were as young as a few months to a few years old only. The tombstone was set up by their grandfather in their memory. While this was a sad tombstone to look at, there were others that are rather interesting. Bearing skull and crossbones motifs, it will send a shiver down anyone’s spine

Sabah & Mt KK

View from the top of Mt Kinabalu, Sabah.

above the clouds. Sunrise on Lowe’s peak

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