About me

A picture says a thousand words. A cliché?
I choose to believe that while you can paint pictures with words, a well-taken photo should be able to speak volumes & communicate across language barriers. Photos can portray love, humor, controversy all within a glance and I choose to travel on this road of writing through photos, focusing on weddings and other expressions of love

Excellent cook Sheep shearer Explorer of the mysterious unknown Also good at: • Translating the reality into a medium shared across by many, a.k.a. taking photos • Getting points across via presentations – FLASH (and I don’t mean jumping out of bushes at strangers) your love stories at weddings with my Macromedia skills.

chris tan

Started photography at a very young age, then it progress into a hobby.  Back then i was using a Minolta Dynax 8000i (limited addition) and a Nikon FM2 (they are still in my possession). I still remember selling my bike to buy a camera….that was the old time…After i graduated from School of Art & Design in Otago, Dunedin and return to Penang, the opportunity to practice what I have learned was limited. So i made some unfavorable decision that force me to move away from what I had studied.  For 5-6 years, I have not  talk about photography so passionately. Until recently, my wife decided to surprise me with a DSLR – Nikon 5000. From there my journey starts…..

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

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Painting With Light by Chris Tan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

  1. Hi Chis, I’ve just started exploring your blog. I found it with a Google Alert about your new flash. There is a lot of good info to read. I’ve already learned something about Penang today. Then I see that you lived in Dunedin for a while! I’m from Wellington and live in Auckland. Perhaps I will try out HDR. I’m keen to get a second flash so I can try out some Strobist techniques, but also am keen to get some better lenses. Kinds regards

    • chriscctan says:

      Keith, sorry for late reply. Stuck with my work project recently but still trying to update my blog daily. Yes, I lived in Dunedin for 3 years, I was a student there. Before that I was in Timaru & Temuka, lived with my host parent for a year plus. I was a great country and I really like to go back and visit some time. Yes, photography is a expensive hobby. Btw, I am getting my 35mm 1.8f fast prime lens 🙂

  2. anthony says:

    hey chris,
    i was in dunny too for 4 yrs..back in mlk now..kinda hard to find anyone from dunny..mos r from more happening places like auckland or welly. btw, wanna ask for ur advice regarding the tamron lens. im having d3000 n nissin 622. thinking of getting tamron 17-50 vc..i heard bout the lens not compatabile with nissin flash..ie they cant communicate with each other well..not sure hw true isit…hav u found any prob with it so far? do u shoot using ttl or manual with ur nissin. thanks alot and happy new yr:)

    • chriscctan says:

      Anthony, Happy New Year!! thanks for dropping by. Sorry to reply yours late.
      You will be surprised how many i had came accross who had studied in Dunedin before 🙂
      anyone about Nissin 622 & tamron 17-50 (2nd generation), no issue so far, I am very impress with the lens. The last wedding (Sze Yen & Jin Siang) was shot using my Tammy & Nissin flash (about 80%, I use prime lens for the rest) Just beware when I say 17-50 2nd generation, i am refering to the non- VC version. VC version is the latest (3rd generation) and some claim there is the back-focusing problem.
      for Nissin, i am shooting using manual most of the time, one way to get myself learn.

      hoped the above help 🙂

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