Celebration of Love – Adrienne + Matt

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Wedding Photography
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Adrienne and Mat were married in Adelaide and decided to have another reception for their friends and family in Penang.

19 Dec is their hens nite in Penang. The Chinese version of hen’s/buck’s night here in Malaysia is the “lau tiau meh” where relatives and friends would come over the night before the wedding for dinner. No strippers or risqué games but a lot of really good food. Adrienne’s aunt did all the cooking herself and I can vouch that she does really good authentic Nonya food! My wife love fruitcake that i brought home as the souvenir from the party.

How technology has evolved – they were communicating with their relatives that couldn’t make it to Penang via a laptop .

They hired a satay uncle to prepare skewers of yummy morsels.

The next day, the wedding reception was held at the E&O hotel, one of the oldest hotels in Penang.

stay tuned for more photos from this series….

  1. Chudex's says:

    Nice picture awesome, thanks for shared.

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