After reading My Food Fetish’s post about Soul Kitchen, we knew we’d to go try it out to compare the pasta against the best that we’ve had in Penang so far: Ecco Cafe.

Soul Kitchen is located at Muntri Street, one of the last few heritage building-lined streets left in Penang. On a quiet Saturday afternoon, parking is relatively easy to find around the area and you can catch glimpses of tourists clutching maps and cameras wandering about.If you’re curious about a Malaysian-German couple serving really darn good Italian food within a prewar building in Penang, you have to check out this place.

The interior of the trattoria has that casual, chic look that is both hip and cozy at the same time. Wooden tables and chairs are scattered across inside with a mixture of funky looking fabric reupholstered chairs. Tiny touches of eco friendly decor are evident here: from seashells used as paperweights, plants growing in tin containers, a bicycle parked at the back door. Being a huge Ikea fan, Andrea had fun spotting which items were from Ikea (the curtain rail used to hang postcards on the wall!). Even though it was a hot, sweltering day outside, it was nice and breezy indoors without air-conditioning.

Since we’d skipped breakfast, we promptly ordered up a storm.

The Banana Apple Orange Smoothie was a very refreshing drink plus a pleasant way to wait as our mains were cooked. It’s interesting to note that all dishes are only cooked on the spot, ensuring that every dish fresh and piping hot.

We’d really high expectations for the Tramezzini (Italian sandwich) and it definitely lived up to its hype! Given a few choices for the filling: we picked turkey ham with roasted balsamic garlic sauce and the flavors were intense, especially with the oozing cheese. Our only wish was that it came in a few more slices so we could enjoy more of it!

The owner was nice enough to explain through the different pasta dishes and which were the people pleasers so we decided on the Pasta with Herb Sausage. We also loved the fact that she offered to make the sauce spicy and even brought out a small dish full of potently spicy dried chilli flakes. The tomato based sauce was very fresh and went perfectly well with the sausage that definitely doesn’t taste like it was mass produced. When asked if the sausage was home made, she smiled and said that they’ve someone making the sausage specially for them.

If you thought we were full after that – the answer is no! We had to have more of Soul Kitchen‘s wonderful food and ordered the Salami Pizza. It’s a thin crust, flat pizza that has a very light tomato sauce sprinkled with pieces of salami. I thought it was a bit too mild but still made a nice snack to chew on.

After all the mains have been brought out, Andrea requested for dessert of the day which was Chocolate Mint Cake. I personally hate mint, especially in desserts as I feel like I’m eating toothpaste but Andrea quite liked this version and devoured it.

We loved the food here and would really revisit again. Portions were a bit on the small side but lunch was reasonably priced at RM52 for two. Free wi-fi is available here.

Soul Kitchen
102 Lebuh Muntri
10200 Georgetown, Penang
Tel: 04-2613118 / 012-5943522


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