Char Koay Kak Face Off: Union Primary School vs Air Itam

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Food
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After reading CK’s post about the Air Itam char koay kak, we were inspired to head towards Air Itam at night just to try it but then Cindy and Alvin told us that the the char koay kak in front of Union Primary School was much better, we were in a food dilemma. Which one to try? Oh well, when in doubt, just try both then!

So on a Friday evening, we drove up to Union Primary School where the char koay kak stall was already in the midst of  brisk business. They had a few tables at the side and also canned drinks for customers that want to eat on the spot. Even though there were customers patronizing the stall non stop, it only took a few minutes for them to get our order ready. We decided on tah pau (takeaway) as we wanted to compare the char koay kak side by side with the Air Itam one. A large packet with egg costs RM3.50.

After braving the daily jam at Air Itam, we spotted the stall right in front of the Hai O store. If you thought trying to find a “creative” parking spot in front of the Union Primary School is bad enough, it’s much more worse at Air Itam. Again, it was jam packed with customers placing orders even though it only offers takeaways in a banana leaf wrapped cone. What’s unique about the stall is that it also offers duck eggs for customers too. A large packet (though a bit smaller as compared to the Union Primary School one) with chicken egg is priced at RM2.70.

The drive home was agonizing with the aroma of not just one, but two packets of char koay kak wafting in the air. To make matters worse, there was a huge jam and it took us longer than usual to reach home. By the time we unlocked the front door, we were both ravenous and tore open both packets.

The Air Itam char koay kak was delicious and didn’t disappoint. It had the wok hei factor and you could taste the smokiness of the wok mingled together with the crunchiness of the beansprouts and saltiness of the preserved raddish. It wasn’t really greasy either and had a milder taste.

However, when compared side by side, it was clear that the Union Primary School char koay kak was definitely the best!  The flavor was intense with every single bit of the koay kak bursting with sensational taste! Sure, it’s more oily and spicier but  it had a hell of kick to it. For the char koay kak challenge, this wins hands down.

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