Farlim’s Shell Station Laksa

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Food
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Yen mentioned that a friend told her that the assam laksa at Farlim is fantastic and this was more than enough to get Andrea immediately intrigued so she insisted that we drive there to try it.

The Farlim Shell Station Laksa is located further ahead of the new Farlim Sunshine Square, in the older commercial district where Bandar Baru, KFC and Pizza hut are. The coffee shop is instantly recognizable as there’s a bright red sign in front of the shop.

Andrea, being the laksa purist, was immediately wary the moment the bowls of laksa came topped with pieces of fishball as she keeps insisting that this is something hawkers do for tourists. She looked suspiciously at the steaming bowl of laksa and said the color and scent wasn’t particularly attractive either.

All these changed and she’d to swallow back her words the moment she took a bite of the laksa noodles and soup. Her eyes widened and she started slurping more greedily. I tried mine – the word fantastic doesn’t even begin to describe it how good the laksa was!

The soup is sweet with the strong scent of kembung fish (mackerel) but what made the laksa stand out was the generous chunks of fresh kembung scattered all over the soup which were amazingly fresh.

Another highlight of the stall is that it serves a treat which is unique to Penang assam laksa: deep fried spring rolls cut into bite sized pieces to dip into your soup before savoring them. Usually at other stalls where I’ve been to, the spring rolls are usually done as an afterthought, they’re either really small, stale or worse, over fried to the point where it’s too hard. The spring rolls at this stall were perfect and good enough to eat on its own.

  1. Paul Blazey says:

    Hey nice blog here and I really like your pics. I love going to Singapore and Malaysia and taking photos and trying laksa’s. I’m putting together the ultimate laksa guide, so feel free to add to anyway you can cheers! http://www.squidoo.com/ultimate_laksa_guide

    • chriscctan says:

      Paul, thanks for dropping by and the comments. I didnt know there are so many types of laksa until i read your blog 🙂 well done and i love your blog. OK, i have to be frank with you, as i am very very new to Squidoo, so if you can tell me more and how to add, that would be great 🙂

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