Picking’s a Plenty at the Pepper Estate

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Food
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My sister Ching told us about the yummy Ipoh curry mee that she’d had for breakfast at the Pepper Estate over the weekend and we decided to head there to check it out.

From the Mt Erskine Road, turn right into the Pepper Estate (there’s a giant sign board there) and you’ll see a Chinese temple on the right. Keep going straight and you’ll reach a corner house packed full with locals patiently lining up for a table at this very popular place.

The highlight there is the Ipoh curry mee which I’ve to admit, I couldn’t tell the difference from the local Penang version. The auntie pointed out the Penang one has cockles in it but this is omitted from the Ipoh version, it’s also topped with a serving of siew bak (roast pork) that is so yummy, people were even ordering to eat it on its own. Yes, it’s arteries-clogging stuff especially taken first thing in the morning but damnnnn, it sure is good!

We also tried the nasi lemak which was done economy rice style. You get choices of dishes to add to the coconut milk rice ranging from the basic cucumber and boiled egg to belacan fried chicken, fried fish, boiled okra, anchovies and peanuts, stewed chicken and even pork curry. One of the hallmarks of a really good nasi lemak is the sambal and this didn’t disappoint, it’s spicy and tangy at the same time.

Apart from that, the place also serves koay teow thng which seemed to be popular with the regulars and we also spotted 3 different types of kuih (ang ku, kuih talam and steamed banana with glutinous rice) which were selling well, like hot cakes. The kuih seem to change on a daily basis as the last time Ching was there, she had or (yam) kuih and also pulut tai tai (blue colored glutinous rice with black sugar).

Having breakfast inside there was a treat. For starters, there was ample parking place and because it’s a housing area, it’s still quite cool and shady without the heavy, bustling traffic. Even though the place was filled with customers, the owners were still very pleasant but be warned that as it’s located in the garden of the owner’s house, tables are limited so you either need to wait for a place or just do takeaways.

They’re open every day with different dishes and Ipoh curry mee is only served over the weekends. It’s open around 7.30am until noon.

Madam Kim


667-G, Pepper Estate Road 1, 11200 Tanjung Bungah.


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