The Hidden Gem of Abu Siti Lane

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Food
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When the weather is blazing hot, there’s nothing better to quench your thirst than with something that is 100% natural, sweet but yet actually good for you and very popular amongst Malaysians – fresh coconut water. One of the most popular places in Penang to have fresh coconuts is at Abu Siti Lane, in a pre war house that has been trading coconuts for at least 20 years.

You’ll find the place packed with locals and tourists alike as the coconuts are fresh and sweet. They sell coconuts from the plain coconuts to the more fragrant pandan coconuts and even the latest trend: coconut jelly.

Part of the treat of ordering a whole coconut there is to watch the seller slice open the coconut with a small parang (machete). He is super fast to the point where when I first tried snapping him in action, I kept missing my shots! Watch out if you’re standing close to him as the water from the coconuts will sometimes splash at you.

After you’re done with your coconut water, hand it back to him and he will then again hack it precisely into half and carve a little spoon out of the shell where you can then use it to scoop out the thin slivers of juicy white coconut flesh.


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