Uncle Miki’s Cheesecake

Posted: July 10, 2010 in Food
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Mag was raving about this elusive Japanese cheesecake that could only be found at KLCC and having a sweet tooth for all kinds of desserts, Andrea was ecstatic when Mag actually gave her a whole Uncle Miki cheesecake all the way from KL.

After having a slice, I could see why there’s a cult following for this cake – unlike most American style cheesecakes, this is really fluffy & light. Its texture is almost like cotton wool and the fact that it’s not sickly sweet or intensely rich is a huge plus point. Heck, even I could finish the whole cake in minutes and not feel full!

Unfortunately, it’s only available in 1 location in Malaysia.

Isetan KLCC, RM18 for 1 cheesecake.

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  2. Yong says:

    There’s one branch in Bangsar Village shopping complex

  3. Mandy says:

    I just tried your cheese cake 1 hour ago which bought from my friend. I ate half of the cake continuously because I love uncle miki cheese cake but KLCC ISETAN is abit far for me to go deliberately. Do u intend to have delivery service or open a shop near Puchong ?

    thank you.


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