Actual Day Wedding: Ah Ti +Siu Ling

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Others, Wedding Photography

I know and I apologise for not updating my post for some time. Have been busy with projects at work and even my visit to my regular “Chu Cha” (Chinese Restaurant) for the past 1 month had increased. With my 1st baby on the way, more and more things are lining up for my attention.

OK, enough of excuses 🙂 Lets go back to the main topic.

I met Siu Ling through my sister. They had opened up a shop together with another partner and are into selling health care product. This is the first assignment which i starts the day from the groom during an actual wedding day, so its a bit of a odd for me….. this is also the first time working together with my sister so we did make sure we cover all aspects of the wedding during the actual day. Nevertheless, i would have to agree that it turn out well because we do communicate to each other and we know what we each of us need to do.

So, again, hoped you enjoyed the photos. I will include my sister’s photos once they are ready.














  1. Great photos! Like the first one the best! Hows your kid doing?

    • chriscctan says:

      Starsquid, thanks for dropping by again and so happy you love the photos. My kids? my wife is expecting the delivery of our baby boy in mid Sept…so for the mean time, we are doing all the ness preparation for the delivery.

      • Oh, haha, I thought you had a baby boy already (or I thought he was born already). In any case, you must be thrilled!

      • chriscctan says:

        Starsquid, ya, baby boy coming out in Spet 🙂 ya, damn excited…my life gonna change very very soon….haha, u know the feeling of being responsible for another human being and i will be able to experience what my father had went through when i was small 🙂

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