Hangi at Sigi’s – Happy Earth Hour

Posted: April 2, 2010 in Food
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I’d heard that Sigi’s at Golden Sands was having a New Zealand styled hangi in celebration of Earth Hour and Yen’s birthday was coming up – so what better way to celebrate her birthday with dinner at Sigi’s!

At around 7pm, we arrived just in time to watch the chefs dig out the buried food at the beach. With a traditional hangi, a huge pit is dug in the ground (kind of reminds me of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean), hot stones placed at the bottom followed by a layer of wet cloth to provide steam and protect the food. Raw meat and vegetables are wrapped in leaves then placed in wire baskets with an extra layer of cloth before they’re placed on top of the stones and buried with dirt. They’re then left for hours to cook beneath the ground.

This was probably the first time a hangi was done in Penang so when they were shoveling away the layers of sand, it attracted a crowd of curious onlookers who asked quite a few questions. Chef John, who is coincidentally also from New Zealand, said that they’d buried the food much earlier at around 2pm.

Unfortunately as Yen, Andrea and I were having a craving for all things Italian – we didn’t manage to try any of the hangi meat and ended up with pizza and lasagna.

Pepperoni pizza.

Lamb souvlaki pizza – this was absolutely fantastic!

Lasagna – the best kind of comfort food ever. Warm, cheesey and gooey with layers and layers of rich pasta and beef, this is definitely one of the best restaurant found lasagnas in Penang.

Sigi’s Bar and Grill On The Beach

Tel No. 04 8861852

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  2. lingzie says:

    oh that lamb souvlaki pizza looks really good!! i’ve been wanting to go back there to try that! 🙂 wonderful photos as always 🙂

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