Nissin flash, Nikon flash or Metz…

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Camera
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Finally…. i know it was a tough decision but i believe i had choosen the correct one.

At the beginning, I had to choose between Nikon SB900, Metz 58AF or Nissin Di866, took me a while to think through all my options and asking myself what I were looking for and where I am heading with this. After weeks of soul searching and googling, I know this much is true.

1) I really wanted to learn more about strobe & studio lightning. Not that I dont like having a Tamron 90mm f2.8 by my side but I should explore my Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 before i made another lens purchase.

2) Getting a SB900 will be awesome since I can make full use of Nikon CLS system, but hold on… D5000 doesnt have a master build-in into the pop up flash. If I have a SB900, how do I trigger? I would need a wireless trigger or trigger using optical trigger (another flash). And if i spend RM1.6k buying a flash that can only be trigger using optical trigger (assume that I dont want to spend more on a pocketwizard or phottix Aster), it kinda sucks right? A wireless trigger will be more flexible and does not relly on line of sight to trigger the second flash.

3)Fine, then get SB600 and Phottix Aster and do wireless trigger….technically, SB600 is lower in power when compare to Nissin Di622, again it make no sense to get a SB600 if i need more power …

4)If you compare Di866 with Metz 58AF, Di866 is slightly more powerful in Guide # 60m at 105mm compare to 58mm at 105mm(Metz) and although Metz 58AF’s features are slightly better, will that worth paying additional RM600~RM700…i dont think so.

Di866 side to side comparison with my old Nissin Di622

Nissin Di866 has a colour digital screen

Nissin Di866 come with a sub-flash that can be activated when the head are set to bounce position.


* Usable camera : CANON digital camera, NIKON digital camera
* Guide Number (ISO100) : 60m, 198ft. (105mm), 40m, 132ft. (35mm)
* Focal length Coverage : 24~105mm (18mm with wide angle diffuser)
* Power Source : 4 x AA battery
* Recycle Time : 0.1-5.5 sec. (Alkaline, NiMH)
* Number of Flashes : 150-1500 times
* Flash Duration : Manual mode 1/300 (Full Power) , TTL mode 1/300-1/30000 sec.
* Energy Saving : Auto power off  Off, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 mins
Stand-by mode  30 sec.
Display off  Display screen switch off
* Color Temperature : 5600K
* Flash Power Control System : Full Auto  E-TTL, E-TTL II (for Canon), i-TTL (for Nikon), Ev compensation adjustment on camera
TTL  E-TTL, E-TTL II (for Canon), i-TTL (for Nikon), [Advanced] Ev compensation, Manual zoom, Sub-flash allowed
Auto Aperture Flash  F1.4-F16 (ISO100), 1/3 Ev steps, [Advanced] Manual zoom, Sub-flash allowed
Manual Power  Full-1/128, 1/3Ev steps, [Advanced] Manual zoom, Sub-flash allowed
Multi-flash  Frequency-90Hz, 1-90 times, Power 1/8-1/128
* Wireless Remote flash Slave:
Slave  Digital Slave / Film & Studio Slave, [Advanced] Sub-Flash Allowed
Wireless TTL  Master / Remote, 4 Channels,  3 Groups (A, B, C), Modes: Off/ TTL/ Manual, TTL Flash Ratio Adjustable
* Ev Compensation on flash : -0.3 – +3.0, 1/3Ev steps
* My TTL setting :  -0.3 – +3.0, 1/3Ev steps
* Bounce Function : Upward 90 degree, Left 90 degree, Right 180 degree
* Sub-flash: Manual Full – 1/8, 1Ev steps
* FE/FV Lock : [FEL] OR [*] Button for Canon, [AE-L] OR [AF-L] for Nikon
* Rear curtain sync. : Yes
* High speed sync. : Yes
* Red eye reduction mode for Nikon: Yes
* Slow sync. mode for Nikon: Yes
* Red eye reduction mode + Slow sync. mode for Nikon : Yes
* AF assist light distance : 0.7-10m
* Operation Control mode : Color Display (Auto Rotation)
* Firmware Upadate Terminal : USB
* X terminal : Yes
* External power pack socket : Nissin Power Pack PS-300, Canon original pack, Nikon original pack (except Nikon SD-9)
* Accessories : Soft Pouch, Flash Stand with Tripod screw
* Dimension : 134 x 74 x 110 mm
* Weight : 380gr. w/o battery

Apart from getting this, I am getting a Phottix Aster, a couple of receivers, light stands & umbrella. I will not get any softbox for this moment due to budget and secondly, umbrella give a wider area coverage when you bounce the light. Softbox has to wait…Further more, I still have my DIY Beauty Dish that i half complete, maybe its time to whip them out and make some modification.

Here’s a video on Umbrella vs Softbox….enjoyed.

  1. Expat Shooter says:

    The guide no. means little. All manufacturers inflate them. If you test flashes yourself you’ll see how low they actually are.

    Nissins are nice, but the color screen on the Di866 is difficult to read.

  2. andrew ong says:

    then what you will suggest? nissin or nikon flash? i’m in a tight budget between di662 mark 2 and di866 mark 2 which power is better ? sb700 is more expensive than those two .

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