Anson Road Char Koay Teow

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Food
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So 2 weeks ago, Andrea suddenly developed a craving for char koay teow. Simple right, you might say? With Andrea being Andrea, it was darn difficult as:

  • It was CNY and most of the Chinese hawkers were closed for the entire week
  • She decided she would only have Anson Road char koay teow which she had heard her colleague, Jun, rave about (Jun – you are the cause of my many driving trips there just to get her char koay teow!)

Jun said the uncle has been frying char koay teow at Anson Road for the past 30 years (which is true as Andrea’s dad verified it) and starts his business from around 4pm until maybe 10pm at night.

So on Thursday, Andrea made me drive past Anson Road at 4.30pm – no sign of the stall.

On Friday, she made me drive past there the same time – fine, still no sign of the stall. She refused to give up and on the same day, forced me to drive there again at 8pm at night “just to make sure” and sure enough, he still wasn’t there.

Fast forward to the next week – on Friday, she again insisted that we drive past that spot. This time, we reached there around 5.45pm and I was so happy to finally see the uncle frying that I could have kissed him myself!

There was a really long line though and we had to wait around 40 minutes for him to cook our order. This is one of the few remaining char koay teow stalls left that still uses charcoal to fire up his wok. Based on Penang’s popularity standards, there were cars double parked waiting for him to do his stuff so we had high expectations of his char koay teow. Plus, the entire street was filled with the heavy scent of it.

When we reached home and eagerly tore open the char koay teow packet – we were a little disappointed that he didn’t take our order properly (no eggs, no cockles request still resulted in eggs + cockles).

The verdict? This is darn good char koay teow! You can taste the wok hei which always requires great cooking skills to achieve. Was it worth the 40 minute wait? Yes, without a doubt! Looks like we’ll be heading back again for this hidden gem.

Btw, i didnt took this photo, Andrea did. I was too grumpy to do anything…imagine waiting for 40~45mins….


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