Chinese New Year Lunch at Passion of Kerala

Posted: February 26, 2010 in Event & Occasion
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Every year, my friends and I like to have lunch together with spouses and kids during Chinese New Year. The biggest headache however is the venue. Last year it was Thai, this year as most of the Chinese restaurants were booked out in advance – we decided to opt for banana leaf rice at Passion of Kerala, New World Park. It has air-con (a must in this kind of weather!) and has baby chairs as well as a lot of space for strollers and nappy bags. More importantly, the food is really good and not too overly expensive.

This round’s lunch was made merrier with Adele and Alex bringing their 2 year old son, Matthew, and CP bring her 8 month old son, Nathan. Everyone kept making a fuss of the 2 kids.

Matt was super duper cute because he is really shy around adults that he’s not too familiar with. He refuses to make direct eye contact and kept pouting.

Nathan brings out the mothering instinct in Jo, he is really calm around strangers and don’t mind people carrying him.

Check out the rows and rows of food. Rice and side dishes are served literally on banana leaves and these are refillable. You can order a variety of side dishes to go with your banana leaf rice, we had: deep fried bitter gourd, chicken masala, fried squid, fried chicken …

Matt looks at Andrea suspiciously as he accepts an ang pow from her.


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