Enhancing Photos with High Pass Filter

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Photoshop, Techniques and Styles
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It has been a while since my last post on using texture to enchance your image. Today, i would like to share with you how to utilize Photoshop High Pass filter to bring out the outline and 3D-ness of the image at the same time sharpen the overall image quality.

Why not use Unsharp Mask? well, on a personal note, Unsharp Mask sharpen everything, this includes bringing up noises in the picture. While High Pass work on the edge(outline) of the picture thus it provides the right kind of sharpening suitable to my work.

So, shall we start…. Here’s the original photo of my friend from Johor who visited Penang recently.

Lets open the picture in Photoshop.

Lets duplicate the layer, have the duplicated layer on top of the original layer.

Next, with the layer still selected, go to Filter, then select Other, follow by High Pass.

At the High Pass menu, move the slider to between 2~8 pixels. This is up to you, my personal preference is 8. You can always apply and check, if you dont like it, start again. 🙂

Now that you had applied the High Pass filter, lets make some adjustment with the layer properties. First, lets change the property ‘Normal‘ to either Hard Light or Soft Light. There’s no right or wrong here, try it out and see which one work for you. For me i prefer Soft Light.

Oh, one more thing, you can also adjust the slider to change the opacity of the effect. If i use Soft Light, i will usually leave the opacity to 100%.

So, here is the result. Try it out yourself. 🙂

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