Amelie Cafe – A Touch of Whimsy

Posted: February 8, 2010 in Food
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It was by total chance that Andrea and I went to Amelie Cafe at Armenian Street. She was glancing through a friend of a friend’s Facebook photos of a photo walk around the heritage area of Penang and there was the coziest looking cafe with the most charming, hand painted sign “Amelie Cafe”. It sounded very French and looked nothing like a typical cafe in Penang so she was insistent that we go visit it. Unfortunately … we didn’t have any idea where it was apart from the fact that it was near Khoo Kongsi (and this was also by pure chance based on the order of the photo album that she saw).

So we drove around and around at the heritage trail in Penang before she finally shouted “I spotted it!” Lo and behold, it really was Amelie Cafe in front of us. There were colorful sari cloths billowing in the wind like sails on a ship and rows of potted plants lined the side of the tiny entrance.

The interior of Amelie Cafe is quite tiny but very pleasant. All the chairs and tables have a very home made, mismatched look that just adds to the shabby chicness of the cafe. Check out the coolest, lopsided bench that looks as though it belongs on a set of Alice in Wonderland.

Andrea couldn’t stop admiring all the plants, especially the tiny shoots growing in colorful tin cans and spotted pots of fresh rosemary and mint growing – we were wondering if they used the fresh herbs in cooking.

Everything about the cafe screams rustic, from the blackboard painted wall where the owners write out the menu of the day to the gorgeous, exposed brickwork. Surprisingly, even though the place isn’t air conditioned and it was blazing hot outside, the inside of the cafe was nice and cool, maybe it was the calmness of the cafe or the many hanging plants from the ceiling.

As we arrived in the late afternoon, there was a choice of drinks ranging from coffees to freshly made juices and desserts from healthy granola to decadent chocolate brownies. We decided to balance up a very healthy choice of banana with lime juice and the sinful chocolate brownies served with vanilla ice cream.

We had a nice afternoon just lazing around the cafe and was joined by the owners’ very cute dog, Sunday. Not too sure what kind of breed it is (looked like a snow white teddy bear!) but it was sooo friendly and kept coming around to our table to pose for photos.

The owner mentioned that they’ve recently started serving lunch and said the magic word “home made pasta” which had both of us drooling (home made pasta is a luxury hard to find in Penang apart from Eco Cafe). We’ll definitely be back to visit Amelie Cafe again.


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  2. lingzie says:

    hi chris! i love your photos of amelie cafe! 🙂 i am definitely a fan of the place and looking forward to going back again for yet another visit!

    • chriscctan says:

      Lingzie, omg, surprise to see your comment here! My wife and I follow you blog from time to time too. Yes, i love the place and the service is friendly, 2 thumbs up and will visit again for the hand made pasta…. 🙂

  3. Adelene Chin says:

    The dog is a maltese, I used to have it, but it has since been stolen…*sob sob..

  4. Leemin says:

    I love the photos, Chris.

    Andrea gave me the link to your blog.

    I also have a D5000 and am slowly learning how to use it.

    • chriscctan says:

      Leemin, thanks! Andrea told me all about you 🙂 I can imagine how she would love your blog so much 🙂
      oh, D5000 is a great camera, get a 35mm f1.8 and it will work wonders (if you like to take food pic) or Tamron 17-50 f2.8 for general photography. Those 2 are ‘fast’ lens and work great under lowlight photography. BTW, Happy CNY & ‘8888’ all the way 🙂
      ps- if you dont mind, can we exchange link ?

  5. Adelene Chin says:

    Chris – got lar…never mention only..i got maltese and Szih tzu too..thinking of rearing one now….sob sob

  6. NKOTB says:

    I like all your photos… they are beautiful…

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