I posted these photos on my Flickr some times ago but yet to write about them in more details.

Yup, thats right, Its my wife again (thanks darling!) I have to apologize for putting her through this ordeal 🙂 but I guess it was all worth it. She loved some of these photos and I am quite happy with them too. So, the whole idea was to create a high key effect to the final image and i got some help from the afternoon sun & my strobe (nissin Di622), a tripod that has been modified to accept my flash, 35mm f1.8 & my camera D5000.


flash on left side with diffuser + sunlight on right side, triggered by build-in flash. Photo was then PP in Photoshop CS to add in texture and create a warmer tone.


Again, natural sunlight on right side with DIY Beauty Dish on tripod above the camera slightly towards the left. Photo was then PP in Photoshop CS with Retro Vintage effects.

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/chriscctan/4237190156/&#8221; title=”andrea_pose by chriscctan, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2701/4237190156_14d3e3a5ea_o.jpg&#8221; width=”759″ height=”542″ alt=”andrea_pose” /></a>


Andrea loved this shots. Originally, this was a vertical shot, but when i got it to Photoshop, I was playing around with the croping and realised composition wise, it look so much greater in this way. Again, flash on the right side facing the back with a diffuser on. Photo PP for a warm tone effect.


Thought of seeing this in black & white and the result is very impressive. The simplicity of the B&W just make the image look more outstanding. I had to placed the Beauty Dish towards the left above her face. One can see the back is lit by the sunlight coming through the window.


I am in the midst of building my home studio so for this shot (Andrea sitting), she has to sit on my luggage bag & i took the photo from the top of a small ladder. Again, Beauty Dish on the left side above her head and natural sunlight on the right side. Photo was PP for a Retro Vintage look.

  1. Adelene Chin says:

    Wonderful shots ! Like a pro ! Hahahaha….Not to mention – beautiful model too..

  2. ith0ught says:

    Nice Post!
    For those who’d like to achieve a real flawless look you might find this post very helpful

    for simple DIY photo retouches. Doing make ups, making flabs dissapear, losing eyebags and wrinkles.. I’ll be having all the tuts posted on my blog.

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