Posted: January 13, 2010 in Event & Occasion
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This is the 2nd international award after the very successful KL PhotoAward last year. The competition is very self-explanatory, named: CONTEMPORARY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. Photographers are to create potrait photos either under the catergory of “Individual” or ”Story”

For the Individual Portrait category, the judges will be looking at overall technical skills, composition and challenging aesthetics in a single, stand alone portrait that rises above the rest.

As for the Portrait Story category is added to enable photographers to enter portraits in a series, along with accompanying narrative. Identifying strong visual narrative that speaks to the viewer is a criterion the judges will be seeking in this category, as artists that use photography creatively rather than camera operators will be rewarded. We feel that understanding the processes of an artist and his or her ability to bring concept to fruition in a series of pictures exemplifies the creativity in the art.

Those interested, check out the previous year photos at the attached link to KL PhotoAward 2009 gallery.

And if you need further infos, check out the official site here.

So if you have a DSLR sitting at home collecting dust, now is the time to whip it out and start shooting 🙂


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