year 2010 – a new journey & new resolution

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Others
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OMG!! its the end of 2009, can you believe this? Did I set out to do those things i vowed to do beginning of 2009? Seriously, I cant recalled what was my last new year resolution… 😦 maybe this is a sign of age is catching up to me.

2009 also bring back lots of memories for me, good and bad.

some of these are:

  • I have finally settle down and married my lovely wife Andrea. I was a intense planning that stretched a period of 9 months just for the 1 special night, at the end, it was almost perfect. Of course  there are things that I would like to do differently but hey no regret 🙂 I was so happy to see my parents, nicely dressed up and my father given the honour to give a speech during the course of the dinner.
  • Went on a oversea trip and took my wife to HK for our wedding honeymoon. Also had personally traveled  abroad to China due to Business trip.
  • Passed away of a loving father to one of my friend cum colleague
  • My wife decided to surprise me with a DSLR which completely change my life now, you can check out my blog here. Photography has been a major part of my life after graduated high school until i returned to Malaysia. When i look back, i have no idea why i drop this hobby totally. Maybe my life was up and down for the past 7 years, which put off the thoughts of having a expensive hobby.
  • Because of the wonderful surprise from my wife, I started mine own photo blog and had a paid account with Flickr! And what an achievement for my blog to hit 20k viewers in 5 months!
  • with the birth of baby Shawn, my parents are now grandpa & grandma!! 🙂 Baby Shawn is now 7 months++ old.
  • a long waited promotion and recognition for my work for the past 2 years as a project manager in a local MNC.

For the year 2010, what I had in mind:

  • swim, swim & swim… the number of time I went for a swim in 2009 can be counted with my my ten fingers. Swimming is one of the sport i enjoyed beside going to the gym. Talking about swimming, i need to get a pair of swimming trunk 🙂
  • to start my photography business in Wedding and Portraiture. In 2009, with the help of Andrea, I was able to tag along a few of her freinds’ wedding and a ROM. So for 2010, my focus will be to continue build up my portfolio and my sister will be joining me in this business venture. My sister has been passionate about photography for the past few years and her works are very conceptual and fine art. Like me, she had tag along a few weddings and captured some of the finest photos, one can view her photos here & her blog here. They are still alot of details to work out but no doubt we will share more of this good news soon in this blog.
  • To wish for a baby in the year of rabbit. I would love to have a daughter but hey a baby boy is good too.
  • To further improve my photography skills. I am planning to turn my second bedroom to a small studio with a few strobes, softbox, beauty dish, backdrops capable of taking portraits photos. With this i can do more experiments about strobes & flash photography.

Happy New Year to all!

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  2. YC says:

    happy 2010 & All the Dreams come True !!

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