DIY Gingerbread House

Posted: December 27, 2009 in Food
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When I was young, I loved all the gingerbread houses displayed at bakeries and hotels during Christmas. I was enchanted by the story of Hansel & Gretel and wanted to reenact the scene where they find the house in the forest. I tried persuading my parents over and over again why they should buy me one but they always said no as:

#1 – It’s too expensive

#2 – No one would be able to finish it

Though they did buy me a gingerbread man in hopes of making me forget about the gingerbread house, festively decorated with candies and icing, which remained an object of longing for me.When I started working, I did realise what my parents said were true: who would pay RM80 for just a few slices of gingerbread shaped into a house? So I longed and longed for it, but never did wanted to splurge on one … until this year!


While at Ikea, I was excited to see that they were selling DIY gingerbread houses for only RM15 and eagerly bought one. Like all things stocked at Ikea, it’s flat packed and requires full assembly.

After googling, most websites recommended using royal icing (egg whites beat with icing sugar) for both gluing and decorating the house. So with a piping bag in my hand and armed with memories of childhood longing, I started to build my gingerbread house.



here‘s how it look like at the end….(with M&M as part of the deco)



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