Crystal Jade & Din Tai Fung at the Gardens

Posted: December 26, 2009 in Food
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It is fun to wander about the Gardens at KL as it’s filled with cool Christmas decorations, shops and not to mention, all the food and beverage outlets. A few of my favourite food outlets are located at the Gardens:

Crystal Jade – I’ve been wanting to try this for a very long time based on a friend’s recommendation and while we were in Hong Kong earlier this year, each time we saw a Crystal Jade outlet, the lines were insane so we never got a chance to try it until this trip.The decor inside is very sleek and fits the bill of a very upscale, chic Chinese restaurant.




We ordered 3 dishes: suckling pig (highly recommended for its crisp skin), a spicy chicken dish and fresh vegetables with Chinese mushrooms.  The verdict: a little on the expensive side but not too bad for a special treat

Din Tai Fung – Think of this as the McDonalds (though definitely much classier) of Taiwanese food, it has outlets in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, the US, Australia, etc. Its highlights are the fantastic xiao long bao (meat dumplings) and the open kitchen concept where you get a first hand view at the chefs making them freshly by hand.




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