Afternoon tea at Harrods KLCC

Posted: December 21, 2009 in Food
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Andrea always has had something for English afternoon teas, I don’t know if it’s the scones, clotted cream, mini sandwiches or finger sized desserts – the moment she finds out that somewhere serves decadent afternoon tea, she’d be dragging me to go try it.

When we were at KL, she was ecstatic to find out that there’s a Harrods outlet at KLCC and insisted that we had afternoon tea there. They have an ala carte menu as well as an afternoon tea one – expect to pay around RM120 for 2, which is a little on the expensive side but the service was impeccable.

It’s a very nice and quiet place, especially if you’re sitting next to the windows and for a moment, you can forget that you’re in a bustling mall full of harried shoppers and pretend that you’re in a little, English hotel. Check out the row of tinsel – Andrea was delighted to see the Harrods teddies nestled in them. The tableware was so incredibly British, even the cups have the Harrods initial on them!

Food was served promptly and you have a fresh pot of tea made from loose leaves (no tea bags, thank you *coughs* *E & O* ), scones, tiny cakes, cucumber/beef sandwiches and an assortment of clotted cream, strawberry and blueberry jam. The  sandwiches and cakes were good, though not very outstanding – at least the chocolate dessert had a dab of gold leaf on it.

Of course, the ultimate part of any afternoon tea has to be the scones. The ones served at Harrods were just freshly baked and tasted amazing with the clotted cream. We love scones slathered thickly with cream and kept asking for re-fills of the cream to which the staff gladly obliged. The strawberry and bluberry jam were a little on the average side so we did not bother much with them.

It was a really relaxing treat to be able to rest, have a chat over a steaming cup of tea with some refreshments. Personally found it expensive but it was a nice experience.

cheers…. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year….

  1. They have A Harrods at KLCC? Didnt know that! Anyways, great photo’s you got there!

    • chriscctan says:

      Thanks Starsquid! I drop by your blog, your got a well designed blog too…especially the page about all your gears..:) I saw you are using the same wordpress theme but how do you create a “read more” page which is link to the main lage ? this way i can give viewer the option to preview my entries rather than waiting for the all to be loaded.

      • Thanks! I was just changing some fonts when you visited I saw, hope that didn’t mess things up haha. Eventually I still decided to stick to the standard wordpress font heh.

        About the ‘read more’ function, it’s really easy and is just an option in your editor when you create a post. There are 2 ways in adding that ‘read more’ function.

        1. If you use the Visual editor, write an intro to be displayed on the front page. Then click the ‘Insert More tag’ button (which is the fourth button counting from right on the top row, it looks like a white piece of paper with a dotted line dividing it) and you’ll see a dotted line in you post, anything above the line will be your intro and anything below the line will be displayed in full. On your main page you will see only the intro and and a ‘read more’ link.

        2. If you use the HTML editor then use this little code:
        Anything in front of this code will be your intro and anything that comes after it will be the full lenght post.

        And you’re right, when you have long posts with lots of pictures, it’ll take forever to load, ppl in general don’t fancy that. This is a perfect solution.

        btw, let’s exchange links! 🙂

      • chriscctan says:

        Starsquid, thanks again!! wow, this is great, i had the changes immediately 🙂 great, I will create a link to your blog now 🙂

  2. normdove says:

    A wonderful blog and incredibly well done photograph’s!

  3. ck lam says:

    I have yet to have an afternoon tea at this place…definitely will try to take some time to do so.
    Btw…you have a great photography blog…keep it up!

    • chriscctan says:

      CK, thanks for dropping by and your word of compliments. My wife is a great fan of your side and she will check out your side to plan for the next food hunting trip. As a blogger that just start up 8 months ago, i know its not easy and you have proof to be handling and managing it extremely well!

      ps- If you dont mind, i would like to exchange link with you.

  4. diane says:

    its like reliving the Hi tea !

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