Firefox celebrating 5th birthday!

Posted: December 18, 2009 in Event & Occasion
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5 Years of Firefox Cake at Japan Developer Day

photo courtesy of Christopher Blizzard

Firefox is 5 years old! Happy Birthday Firefox!! You have served us well, keep up the great work!!

Btw, they are also  running a few challenges and competitions for users to celebrate this big event.

One of this challenge is to create a poster design that will help spread the word about and rally the community around Firefox’s 5th birthday. The winning design will be featured on Mozilla websites and merchandise, and the winning artist will be highlighted on the Creative Collective homepage and the Mozilla Blog

Before you jump right in, a few pointers from Firefox:

  • One approach, of course, is to use birthday imagery – cake, candles, etc. However, we encourage you to get even more creative and think of other ways to represent the occasion. Abstract is always good
  • Another approach is to think about what Firefox has meant for its millions of users and the web itself. How have things changed over the last 5 years? What role has Firefox played in the evolution of the web?
  • Using imagery or design style from your own country or culture is highly encouraged. We love showing off the global diversity of the Mozilla community!
  • If you need a starting point, our usual themes of openness, innovation and community are always good places to begin.
  • Focus on telling the story with imagery (for example, note how the Firefox 3 t-shirt design embodies community in a creative way).
  • Files should be uploaded as high-res (300dpi) PNGs or JPEGs. Be sure to hold onto the original working files, though, because if you win we will need those (and be sure to preserve the layers).
  • Be sure to add a description to your design to share your thought process and provide additional details. It may help win you votes, too.
  • If you’d like to use the Firefox logo you can download it from their website. However, please don’t modify the logo itself in any way (more details are in their style guide).

time is running out……for more details, check out the official website here.


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