A Stroll Down A Living Heritage Community

Posted: November 26, 2009 in Penang, places & landscapes
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So what can one do on a saturday afternoon? Well for me, I had been thinking to visit the Clan Jetty again after the Bangun Penang Clan Jetties Art Project Sept 2009.

It wasnt a good day as the sky was cloudy and it had drizzle before. But I decided to pick up my camera and my tripod, Andrea decided to accompany me and be my ‘grid girl’ (holding the umbrella for me)

We are lucky to witness this site which is under renovation, the whole building was striped naked and only kept upright by stilts or wooden poles implanted into  bucket of dried cement on the base of the building. This is truely an amazing sight! The buckets or the based are sitting on top of a layer of mud….

Another close-up on the based of the foundation….or is there any foundation at all??

some art pieces left over from the Bangun Project

Another artist installation at the site.

and more about the Bangun Art Project:

Bangun is an ongoing series of contemporary site-specific art projects focusing on history, heritage, community and culture.  For this project, Bangun will bring its focus to the Clan Jetty communities of Penang. Artworks and performances will relate to the culture, history or future of the Clan Jetty communities.

Workshops in poetry, dance, theatre performance, installation art, shadow puppet making and performance among others will be conducted during the week.  Workshops are free and open to people of all ages and will culminate in performances and presentations in a program to be run over the weekend.

Artists from Penang, KL and several international artists will facilitate the workshops and also present their artworks and performances in the weekend program of events.

This program is interesting, thought-provoking, educational, experiential and a lot of fun.

Ohh….last but not least, my grid girl….

  1. adelene Chin says:

    Wah, Chris – I didn’t know that ….hahahaha..hey, check out the next architecture in town – KEK LOK SI – Kuan Yin’s Pagoda ~~ SNAP! SNAP! SNAP !!

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