Our 1st year (Cotton) Anniversary

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Event & Occasion
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A year ago after our wedding, Andrea had the bizarre idea to store 2 slices from our wedding cake in the freezer. I guess it’s 1 of those gazillion wedding customs she heard of and wanted to follow so even though I thought it was weird, I just went along with it and didn’t complain about the Tupperware taking up space in our freezer (along with her frozen durians, tubs of ice cream … but that’s another story)

Amazingly, time passes by so fast and it’s now time to take them out to enjoy  …  After reflection, we’ve grown a lot as a couple in this period of one year. We fight like many other couples, we have times where we laugh together and at the end of it all, we both learned that the key thing is to hold each other’s hand at times when you feel like you cannot face the world alone.

This is a photo of our wedding cake. Credits go to our photographer Ke Wynn and the yummy cake by Ween Nee.


Check out the piece of wedding cake after 1 year in our freezer. I can assure you it tastes as good as it looks.



So on our wedding anniversary, Andrea decided to surprise me with a mystery treat that she’d been dropping hints about but keeping the actual locaton a secret. So there we were … Danai Spa at Tanjung Bungah. We’re both kinda paranoid so the only expensive belongings we brought along with us were our handphones, not even a point and shoot camera,  so I do apologise for the quality of the pictures below:

1st from the top: entrance from the main road, stairway leading to the spa.

2nd from the top: male changing room with key and locker

3rd from the top: a small garden next to the garden jacuzzi (it’s an outdoor jacuzzi, you might want to bring along swimsuits – watch out for mosquitoes!)

4th from the top: a short walkway leading to the main office


So, after 3 hours of pampering (Danai signature massage, Ginger Salt scrub & Destress Therapy Soak)  it was okay , but personally felt that it could be better. The massage felt a bit time short, the beginning was great but half way, we both sensed that the girls were rushing it and left off massaging parts like hands and feet. It was too simple and too quick. One of the girls even burped and giggled non stop which was a little disconcerting – would you want someone to giggle when you’re almost naked, covered in massage oil and can’t see them?

The scrub was better and we both loved the fresh, tangy scent of ginger. Again, it felt a bit rushed at parts, especially when they kept going to the toilet to turn on the tub and rushing back to scrub again. And finally the Destress therapy soak …  we took at look at the tub and went “why on earth is the water a bright green with bubbles?” Was it some kind of bubble bath on sale? Plus the tub was only big enough for 1 person at a time so you’d to take turns soaking, which kind of defeats the purpose of the time allocated for it as each person only gets half the time slot for the bath.

On the plus side, it has some of the nicest features I’ve ever seen incoporated into a spa. Love the rain shower feature where you’ve to walk through a pool of water with steps and water gushing from the top to reach the outdoor jacuzzi. The half mirrored and half glass ceiling in the hot tub room was certainly interesting.

So, my favourite is still the Gurney Sanctuary Spa….

oh, if you are interested in viewing our wedding website, click here & the wedding video by Wedding Story, here.




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