J.CO Donuts in Penang

Posted: October 8, 2009 in Food
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I love doughnuts and all other sweet treats so I was over the moon when J.Co Donuts opened a branch in Penang. I’d heard a lot about these doughnuts from friends in KL.






poser posing in front of camera….




does this look familiar?



mini doughnuts…!

Jco6We left J.CO with a huge disappointment…. not because we missed the doughnuts but because of the service given to us. The staffs were not friendly at all. Andrea told me they came from Indonesia and this tell tales sign came from their badge. So what happen?

First of all, when i appraoched one of the female staff to request for WIFI password, the music was lound so end up asking her 3 times before I finally get what it mean, she was pointing to one of the doughnut and i was looking for a signboard which might wrote “WIFI password”, instead, it took me 3 times of “sorry, what’s your password” to realise the password is actually the name of the doughnut…..she tried to ignore me after my 2nd attempt and I can see that from her face.

this time, it happen before Andrea queue for the doughnut, I approached a staff who dress more like a supervisor, again, i asked for WIFI access ( ya, i am not a internet junky 🙂 but we were deciding to either take away or stay and enjoy the food if WIFI is available). She didnt bother to greet me and replied “yes” and moved on with her thing…i was prepared to ask the next question but I decided to move away since she showed no further interest in me. !!

So my summary? Well, i think Big Apple is more than good enough, dont bother trying J.CO unless you like to be treated this way. The taste and quality are very similar to Big Apple doughnut, i dont mind skipping this at all. Like everyone else said………as the end of the day….who pay their salary…..



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