Hard Rock Cafe Penang

Posted: September 21, 2009 in Food
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We called and make a booking for Hard Rock Cafe on Friday and was told the dinner is fully booked until Monday night…. so decided to go for lunch since they dont change their menu at night.

Below picture depict the stage area. This is only active after 10.30pm, scroll down further and I will tell you why…


Andrea and my father in-law.


a small and convenience ‘Rock Shop’ located within the cafe, one can eat and shop at the same time 🙂


The bar area located at the far end of the cafe.


another piece of light-work at the bar area. Colour changes as the time tick by….


Andrea posing for camera, ignoring what to order…


Collection of star outfits within the cafe…


spotlight high above us. This is only functional after 10.30pm. Those below 18 is not allowed in as the cafe will be transformed into a pub. And what i like about the cafe is completely “NON SMOKING” (only after 10.30pm) to cater for family. Thumbs up for Hard Rock!


Citrus Chicken Salad, with sprinkle of blue cheese – but I still prefer Friday’s


10 oz steak with mashed potato and cauliflower.


weird looking vegie burger, but for vege lover, it tasted quite extra ordinary….


For those who love western food, you should try it atleast once. The price is a little bit on the pricy side but hey its located at one of Penang most famous tourist attraction area, you cant complaint. In term of food, the quality is almost same par as Friday’s. I would definitely go back one of these day. But my heart still go out for Friday….


  1. Adelene Chin says:

    seriously nice…so nice…wonderful !!

  2. Adri says:

    My first experience at Hard Rock Cafe Penang is non-existing. The service is bad, no background music and the Management don’t care about Foreign Customers feedback. Hard Rock Penang LOST A FEW VALUABLE CUSTOMERS! I would NOT recommend HARD ROCK CAFE PENANG!!!!

    • chriscctan says:

      Adri, people talk so much about HR cafe but the one in PG is just not to what I expected. Although I am yet to go through the experience that you had, (and i am not ready for the bad service either) i will stay away from Hard Rock for a while until their service mindset changed…if they do change…

  3. CN says:

    I seconded the comment from Adri. They hire so many staff but only one or two that do the service. The rest were just busy for nothing. The staff that surfed us couldn’t speak a decent English. I’ve been all around Hard Rock Cafe such as Arizona, Boston, Narita, Tokyo, Makati, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, Edinburgh, Sydney. The beauty of the HRC they are all unique for one thing ie very excellent customer service and has the ability to cheer you up. But overhere when I asked a simple question like “Today is my friend’s Birthday, any special that I can get her?” The waitress looked at me with disdain as if I would want to take an advantage or something, she just replied” oh? really? We don’t have special booking today…, duh?!” It’s ashamed.

    • chriscctan says:

      CN, I feel bad for you. I believe this is not the first time you have encountered this, only thing we can do is feedback to their management. Change of not it will depends on them and the attitude of the staff they hired.

  4. Kiki says:

    u had took a nice picture… i like it… hard rock!!!!

  5. Lisa Robinson says:

    will let u know..i’ll be dining on 14th Feb, 12 noon, with my family…n a baby on tow.

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