Nissin Flash & Demb Flip It

Posted: September 15, 2009 in Strobist
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Earlier this week, I had a chance to try out this light modifer from Joe Demb – The Demb Flipit. It’s not free and it cost me around RM1xx for 1 set (white reflector card, the hinge and the diffuser) And I have been wanting to get my hand on this after trying the Beauty Dish, bouce flash, built-in bouce card & diffuser and box diffuser.

This is how my flash look like with the Dem Flipit installed.

demb flipitdemb flipit1

The pieces in the front are 2 layers of diffusers.

demb flipit2

Sample photo of my wife using the Dem Flipit! (flash upwards with 90 deg reflector) can you see the background was nicely lid up due to the light bounce off the ceiling. The reflector bounce off a small amount of light forward to lid the face. There is a minimal level of hotspots too….as the light is quite diffused.

The only harsh shadow noticed is under the jaw, around the neck area.

**check out picture of her using DIY Beauty Dish (Demb produces a softer picture, where else Beauty Dish provide more hotspots due to direct flash)

demb flipit sample

This shot, i tried it on a ‘bear’.  Some shadow can be notices but not too harsh. My flash is set up like the picture #3 & #4 below. This is a directional lighting (to the right) and one can tell the power reflected forward is lesser than if you set up your Demb Flipit like picture #1.

BC45deg_flash 45deg_no diffuser

Some suggested positions.

I like #3 &#4 if you have to make quick changes to move from vertical to horizontal. However the cons is the power will be cut down by 1/3, so some adjustment is needed to correct the exposure.


Once again, stay tuned for more photos and experiments….

  1. vinay says:

    I think the tool is really awesome and the quality of photographs is just truly world class.

  2. ravirai says:

    Hey amazing post on new technologies.This amazes me as an engineer.

  3. Joe Demb says:

    Please note that the instructions suggest that you have the reflector and diffuser form a “Y” in close shots like this. In other words, reflector is slightly back, so the light is barely skimming. The front diffusion panel is tipped forward. Then you will see the shadows decrease a lot. Try it!

    • chriscctan says:

      Joe, first of all, thanks for dropping by to say hi. secondly, I like your product and i have so much fun with it. 🙂
      as for the suggestion, I will give it a try, and will share with readers once i experiment with it. thanks again!

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