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Posted: September 10, 2009 in Camera
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Nissin had introduced a new flashgun for Nikon camera a few months ago. The all new Di866 Professional Speedlight has an external auto-exposure sensor with 8 f-stops from f/2 to f/22 with compensation potential. And something addtional – fill-in sub flash, which will be activated by main flash when a bounce card in used.

The recycling time is around 3.5s and supposed to offer up to 150 full-power flashes per set of batteries. This is the first time Nissin incorporate a USB port for firmware upgrade. Bravo to Nissin 🙂

Apart from the USB port, there are 2 other connectors, the PC jack for synching with non-hotshoe cameras or triggering studio strobes/radio triggers and the powerpack connector.18250-zoom

Price Range:

Around RM9xx-RM10xx

G.No (Guide numbers):

Main flash 60(ISO 100, m) or 84(ISO 200, m) at 105mm lens angle coverage
Sub flash 12(ISO 100, m) or 17(ISO 200, m) for 35mm lens angle coverage

Power Source:

Battery magazie – 4 x LR6, (Lithium, NiMH and Oxiride are usable)
Power Pack – Nissin Power Pack Pro 300 (NiMH exclusive battery cluster)

Camera Synch:

TTL hotshoe (on camera flash)
PC cord service connector (off camera flash)
Wireless TTL, and Slave synchronization (off camera flash)*

* this mean Nissin Di866 will work with PT-04 (ebay-trigger), I had also confirmed this with Nissin Distributor in Malaysia. Attached the sample email i received from Nissin Support:


Regarding your questions, we would like to answer as follows:

The current Nissin flashes (including Di622) are not support X-contact trigger. That is the reason why it cannot trigger by any wireless flash system (including the PT-04 you mentioned).
Wireless flash system is only trigger though X- Contact. And we are planning to release it with firmware update in the end of September to the beginning of October.
Please send it to our distributor for update once released.

We’ve released the X-contact for Di866, which means should be ok under Av/M/Multiple mode.

Thank you.


This is also good news for owner of Nissin Di622. By upgrading your Di622 firmware, you will be able to sync up with a Radio Wave Trigger such as PT-04 (ebay trigger) !!!:) And to add on, the cost of upgrading is FREE if you purchased the Nissin flash from their Distributors. (In Malaysia, it is under and should be around September to October)

so in the mean time, check out the video about this new flash…..



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