Homemade Tagine Beef Stew

Posted: September 5, 2009 in Food
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Andrea’s friend got us a tagine as a wedding present and Andrea has been really excited about using it. A tagine is a type of dish used in Middle Eastern cooking. Most of the recipes googled used a lot of dried fruit like prunes and apricots but not being keen on the idea of mixing fruit and meat together (yes, I’m weird like that), I managed to find a beef stew that looked really good:

The recipe

We omitted a few items that we didn’t have in our kitchen: sun dried tomatoes, brussels sprouts, turnips & substituted the sweet potato for normal roasting potatoes.

It was pretty simple to put together – the hardest part was waiting for it to cook in the oven as it took around an hour and a half. We used aluminum foil to avoid the olive oil from overflowing (we got greedy and over stuffed the tagine with extra veg and meat) but you can skip it if you like.

Tagine Beef Stew1

Tagine Beef Stew

The results were a lot better than we expected plus the tagine makes a cool serving dish. The beef stew reminded us a little of claypot style cooking but the flavours were really mixed into all the meat and vegetables. Who would have ever thought that mustard, Worcestershire and apple cider vinegar would have gone so well together?

Photos taken using Nikon D5000 35mm f1.8


  1. I love my tagine! Glad you liked the recipe!

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