My little wonder – Nikkor 35mm f1.8

Posted: August 29, 2009 in Camera
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this is an update to my previous post.

Jackson from Click ‘N’ Snap, got most of my photographic stuffs from him, a very nice and pleasant guy and I knew him since high school. (My sister also shop there…)

He told me this is a popular lens and he received alot of booking for this lens. I was lucky because I called him up a week ago to make the booking. I was considering Sigma but he managed to convince me this is the right one to go.


testing the lens at f2.8… 🙂


little wonder….


I cant wait to test my new lens, so took this shot when I was parking and waiting for Andrea to return from Continental Bakery. Ohh…this is Blinkey, the ‘guardian’ of my car 🙂


new lens + in-camera flash +slave (nissin Di622)


more test shots – new lens + in-camera flash +slave (nissin Di622)



the new lens is scary, i didn’t realised f1.8 would blur one side of the face if they are not in the same distance from the lens. Check out my previous photo, see if you can spot the different between the left face and the right face (the left side of the face is sharper than the right side)…so lesson learned, unless is done with a purpose, you should be careful when using a max aperture like f1.8.


  1. Captain says:

    Thank you for test data. it a good result for my decide for shoot it.

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