Bouno Bread 京都ぎおん

Posted: August 20, 2009 in Food
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I was in QueensBay Mall on Wednesday night. I walked pass this bread counter again….(I had tried it out a few time and they really taste damn good! )

Who in the world would aspect a normal looking ‘roti‘ (Bread) would cost this much…!

She passed me a slip, written on it the price of a loaf of bread, when I was about to head to the cashier, I had a look at the slip again. Huh! RM18.00 ….. I chuckles and think to myself “aunty must be old liao, RM1.80 and she had written RM18.00” So I made a U turn, contronted her with a smile. She smiled back at me (thinking oh the water fish returned for more….) I say “aunty ah, how much is the bread? RM18??? or RM1.80???” Aunty look at me and said “Ya, RM18, no mistake” I started to sweat now, I paused and look at the slip again and said to her “are you sure boh, RM18 for a bread??? must be a mistake lah??” At this time, aunty starts to tell me the bread are sent all the way from JB daily, special way of making it and the ingredient came all the way from Japan…..blah blah


So there you go, a loaf of Bread that cost RM18. Moral of the story….never buy something without checking the price tag first….and never assume!! It is selling in Singapore at $18.50-20, RM30 in KL & JB.

But I have to seriously admit, the bread taste really good…..


  1. Rachael Lee says:

    nice sharing.. i knew this as well.. same expression first time hahaa and es taste good but still not buying too high edn I guess

    • chriscctan says:

      Rachael, thanks for your comment! ya, it was funny. Last week I returned to Jusco and the stall was no longer there…..hahah looks like Penangites doesnt appreciate that…..too bad the bread was good.

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