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Posted: August 18, 2009 in Strobist
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My final choice……You might ask me why I had chosen Nissin and not Nikon SB900. First of all, it comes with a slave flash sensor that can be trigger by my build in flash (D5000) and secondly, the price is 1/3 of SB900 speedlite. Nissin also work with Nikon commander unit which uses infrared signals (either a SB800 / SB900). Some called it Radiopoppers.

The sensor circuitry of Di622 is compatible only with the latest pre-flash TTL system offered by Canon or Nikon. The Di622 is not compatible with traditional flash(film SLR) systems or studio flash systems (PW – pocket wizard which use radio wave system) So if you are planning to do alot of studio work, you need to rethink your purchase. Although Nissin work with commander unit, they are times when Nissin refuse to fire (especially under bright sunlight/outdoor), some suggested wrapping a darker filter in front of Nissin optical sensor will help to eliminate this issue.

PS- miss fired will not happen with PW. By the way Nissin does not work with PT-04 🙂 (ebay trigger)

(latest update is Nissin will release a fireware for Di622 between Oct~Nov this year in Malaysia, check out my latest update in this blog)

Other than the above, The Di622 also come with a dual energy saving system.
It automatically enters sleep mode when it’s not in use for 5 min., and is reset with a touch of the shutter button or any button of the flash. If the unit is not in use for 30 minutes, it will automatically power off.
With the flash unit set for slave mode, sleep mode is canceled and the unit will not automatically turn off until 60 minutes have elapsed.

Here’s the summary of specifications:

Di622-Compatibility Nikon D40, D50, D70, D70S, D80, D5000 and D200
TTL-Comapible ETTL and iTTL Auto Exposure
Auto Zoom Function 24-105mm (16mm with diffusion panel supplied)
Bounce & Rotating Head feature Yes
Bounce_range up – 40, 60, 75 and 90 degrees
Rotating Head right – 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 degrees.
Rotating Head left – 20, 60 and 90 degrees
Power Steps 6 step power ratio 1/32nd – full power
Built in wireless remote flash slave Yes
Guide Number 44m (144ft) at 105mm zoom ISO 100
Power source 4-AA alkaline or NiMH (not included)
Recycle 6 Seconds with alkaline batteries, 4 Seconds with NiMH Batteries
Number of Flashes App, 200
Illumination angle 24mm- 105mm (autoset)
Auto-Focus Assist Light High Power LED
Energy Saving yes (Auto Off after 5 minutes idling)
Sleep mode After 30 seconds idling
Exposure_Verification Yes (In camera´s viewfinder)

So looks like for my next flash purchase, i need to work out how my photography will evolve in future, if I planned to take more portrait photos, only a few options left – PW, CyberSync, Yongnuo, EL Skyport system & finally RadioPopper JrX . OR for cheaper solution, I can get a PT-04 with a couple of cheap flashes ….

I manage to test out the light diffusing panel that come with the flash. Let see the results.

Setting: Flash mounted on camera pointing upward 90′ / Flash Mode – TTL (Nikon D5000)

♦Bounce flash with no diffuser (flash head 90′ upward) (below)


♦Bounce flash with build-in diffuser (flash head 90′ upward)(below)


♦Bounce flash with the add-on diffuser (flash head 90′ upward)(below)


from the above experiment, it is so obvious that the build-in diffuser is doing a great job in diffusing the light to the object and the space around it. Although it produced a slight darker shadow but it get the job done.

check out my update on Nissin Di622 & intro to Di866

also a video intro on Nissin flash.


  1. I bought one of these flashes for my Canon 20D and am enjoying the improvement over the on-camera flash. I am starting to learn Strobist lighting, so am a little disappointed that they don’t work with PT-04 triggers, but the price was right!

    • chriscctan says:

      Keith, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, they are a little wonder and it takes your picture to a whole new dimension. With no limit what you can do with them, thus make you think what you gonna experiment next 🙂 Ya, they dont work on PT-04 (ebaytrigger, some called it). Maybe different type of Radiopoppers might work, i trying to look for more infos from the web and my local photographic store. Finger crossed 🙂

  2. yuruda says:

    Good article.thanks excellent content.

  3. […] a high key effect to the final image and i got some help from the afternoon sun & my strobe (nissin Di622), a tripod that has been modified to accept my flash, 35mm f1.8 & my camera […]

  4. […] Di866 side to side comparison with my old Nissin Di622 […]

  5. ng says:

    regarding this statement you have jsut said

    “First of all, it comes with a slave flash sensor that can be trigger by my build in flash (D5000)”

    which means that can still flash even though it has been taken out while snapping?

    • chriscctan says:

      thanks for dropping by. Yes, Di622 can now trigger by another flash or it can be trigger by a wireless flash trigger. If you set the flash to slave mode, it can be trigger by and pre-flash from a camera.

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