Ecco Cafe at Chulia Street

Posted: August 17, 2009 in Food
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Chulia Street is well known in Penang as a backpackers haven and as a result, have some nice, off beat cafes along the street. Just a short walk away from Rainforest Bakery, Ecco Cafe is well known for its fantastic pastas and pizzas, it was featured in Lonely Planet‘s must eat places in Penang. It’s housed in one of the few, remaining pre-war buildings and has a very no nonsense yet charming look about it.



Part of Ecco Cafe’s secret for its good food is that it makes its own yogurts, pizza bases, bread and pasta freshly from scratch and to put it to the test, we ordered our food with the simplest of sauces and ingredients to see if there really is a difference.




First to arrive was the Fungi Pizza with sliced tomatoes, mushrooms and basil leaves. We delighted to catch a glimpse of the cook hand tossing the pizza base up high which probably made the base really thin and crispy, however we were slightly disappointed that it uses canned button mushrooms instead of fresh ones which would have really made this a stellar dish.

Andrea’s often amazed at how cooks like Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver hand make their own fresh pasta and cook it in the lightest sauce possible as not to overwhelm the taste of freshly made pasta so she ordered it with just the tomato sauce and basil and it was amazing! We both loved this dish so much that we fought over who got the last forkful.



The portions were just right but since we were hungry and wanted more food, we added an order for the Vegetarian Calzone – kind of like an Italian curry puff but with pizza dough as the “skin” and stuffed with tomatoes, basil, capsicums, onions, tomato sauce and a bit of cheese.



As Andrea is crazy over Crème Brulee, we couldn’t leave this place without giving it a try and decided that this has to be one of Penang’s best crem brulees: the upper burnt caramel layer was thick and had a satisfying crispness to it while the custard had a very strong and rich flavour.


What we had on our second visit to Ecco Cafe – Pizza Garlic Bread


Balsamic Vinegar Strawberry with Ginger Snap


Ecco Cafe

Opens from 11.30am – 2.30pm and 6pm – 10.30pm, closed on Sundays.

Tel. no. 04 -2623178.


  1. Jason says:

    Nice cafe. I am becoming nostalgic with these pics when we visited same kind of cafe and dying to return to that place

  2. Adelene Chin says:

    hahaha…I think I must try, heard so much about it from Alex..but never try !! Blek

    • chriscctan says:

      Adel, yes, you need to go and try it. For those who love homemade western, this is it….although some minor improvement is needed like the mushroom they used for pizza, the price of food , smaller portion…etc.

  3. kveggy says:

    erm~~~~~nice food…lik it vy much~~~~bt~~~~~hu de guy on de pic ?waiter ….nice atitide???

  4. […] which had both of us drooling (home made pasta is a luxury hard to find in Penang apart from Eco Cafe). We’ll definitely be back to visit Amelie Cafe […]

  5. […] After reading My Food Fetish’s post about Soul Kitchen, we knew we’d to go try it out to compare the pasta against the best that we’ve had in Penang so far: Ecco Cafe. […]

  6. nee says:

    hi,the guy in the picha is exactly the kveggy who leaved comment ==”

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