District 9 … echoes of the past?

Posted: August 17, 2009 in Others
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Andrea & I were intrigued by all of the marketing teasers in the US for the movie (stickers marking areas off-limits to non-humans) and without really knowing what was this Peter Jackson movie really about, apart from aliens and of course the hyped up special effects, we went to watch District 9.

On the surface, it fits everything of a typical blockbuster aliens movie: aliens arriving and getting round up to live in a government camp inside Johannesburg. Overcrowding and filled with in fighting and mini riots, it becomes a slum called as District 9.

If you look deeply enough, it’s a multi layered story with many echoes of the past and scarily, certain similarities of the present.  I don’t want to give away too much about the plot for this movie so the few lines below are typed in white, please highlight them for my personal ramblings:

To me, it’s mainly about an us vs them movie and what makes a human, well, truly human. This satirical mockumentary either delivers a cleverly hidden message about racism, apartheid (the viral marketing campaign’s signs on bus benches reading “Bus Benches for Humans Only”) or as I mentioned before, you can just blissfully blank it out and treat it as a movie with awesome special effects and interesting plot. For further reading about the events that inspired this movie, check out details about District 6, which did occur in South Africa.


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