The Sun doesn’t set here!

Posted: August 7, 2009 in Food
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Last Sunday, Andrea and I decided to head down to Teluk Kumbar’s seafood restaurant – “Good Friend”. Our initial planning was to take sunset photo but soon we realised the sun doesn’t set there. The Sun set another 30 degree to the right. So since we are there, thought we will have our dinner there.

One thing for sure, the food there are cheap…very cheap compare to other seafood restaurants in Penang island. And they have a good Satay store there, selling for RM0.70 per satay. But mind you, if you plan to visit during weekend, please go early, we reach around 6.15pm and there weren’t much empty table left. To add to your frustration, service deteriorate when more and more customers turn up. So dont aspect for a 1st class service….


Me with my grumpy look 🙂


btw, Andrea took all these photos, i just help to crop and post production of the photos. So feel free to comment !


a nice shot of reflection of the beach


Do you know what this is?

Taken using Nikon D5000

Post Processed to mimic Lomography effects


  1. sue says:

    No I don’t know what that is – Squid? Was it yummy. Nice images – love the documentation.

  2. ratt0887 says:

    Liked malaysian safari.

  3. ratt0887 says:

    I like these pics, thax for sharing!

  4. littlehouse says:

    Great story. I’m going to take a guess at that last photo, octopus?

    take care-

  5. Ken says:

    I enjoyed the photo with the trail in the sand, leading to the boat in the background, quite an artistic photo, good job!

    • chriscctan says:

      Ken, thanks for the comment. Its amazing how one can change the look and feel of a photo by actively cropping it. Anyway, the photo was taken by Andrea (my wife).

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