Oh dear….Nissin or Nikon Flash?

Posted: August 5, 2009 in Strobist
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Lately, I am so earger to get my hand on the flash system so I can start exploring the world of strobe (my previous article about lighting), the problem is do I get myself a Nikon or Nissin? Nikon has the CLS* (Creative Lightning System), while Nissin is cheap and Di622 is more powerful compare to SB600.

The other issue need to consider is SB800 no longer in production and if you are lucky, you can get them off the shelves of a camera store or E-bay, if not, only SB900 is available.

*CLS features: up to 4 i-TTL flashs control by a Master / i-TTL balance Fill-Flash / High speed sync / Flash colour information communication which allow the camera Auto WB to adjust itself to suit the temperature fire by the flash.


Nissin Di622


GN44 at ISO100 / GN 62 at ISO200



6 level power setting (manual) 1:1 to 1:32

Recycle: 6 seconds with Alkaline batteries, 4 seconds with NiMH batteries

RM 450-RM 500


Nikon SB-800

GN56 at ISO100


Recycle: 6 seconds with Alkaline batteries, 2.7 seconds with NiMH batteries

RM 1100 -RM1200

The GN (or ‘Guide Number’) for the flash built into the D5000 is “17/56 (m/ft)”, or 17 meters/56 feet at ISO 100.
The formula for calculating maximum flash range is very simple. Divide GN by f-number. So, at f/5.6, the flash range is 56/5.6, or 10 feet. One way to increase flash range is to use a higher ISO. As per the manual, “For each twofold increase in ISO sensitivity, multiply the Guide Number by 1.4”. So, at f/5.6 and ISO 400 (200×2), the range is 14 feet (10feet×1.4), or at ISO 800 (200x2x2), 20 feet (10×1.4×1.4), and so on.

YINGHE PT-04TM Radio Trigger & ReceiverYH-PT04TM

A low-cost radio remote system with a transmitter and receiver to wirelessly fire flash on a nearby stand. This is a temporary solution to those do not want to spend thousands of dollar on a full wireless system. I have seen one of these work. You can mount a manual flash(Achiever) and a Nikon SB-28 on the receiver and the master trigger on the camera body. It work as well as a PocketWizard, check out the video below from motleypixel.


4 channels with hot shoe connector for external flashes

Highest responding time upto 1/1000s

work up to 60feet unblock

Required a CR2 battery

RM 100 -RM150

Story or article link to PT-04

Story /article

Story /article

Story /article

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