Google’s Wonder Wheel

Posted: July 31, 2009 in Others
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If you ever get stuck thinking what to write next, or perhaps your espresso machine break down and without a good cup of coffee, nothing is coming out of your brain…..

You might want to try this. Google had recently (not sure when) added additional features to its Search Engine which you can access in a few clicks.

This is how to do it. Go to Google home, type in a search like normal, for this instance, lets do a search using “Photography”. Google will list down all the website relates to the word “photography”. Look carefully, you can see an option “+show options..” top left corner just below the search box.

Click on “+show options..


this will expand your search and a wheel like graphic will be loaded next to your previous search.


the wheel provides you with some of the Key Word Search used to search the website. If you click on the smaller link on the wheel, it will drill down further.

For example if I click on “wedding photography” and later “master of wedding photography”, i will discover more and more ideas on what i can write about.


so now, what are you waiting for….happy writing!

  1. I love google and just recently started using bing. It amazes me when I do a search sometimes I get so lost and can’t remember where I even started from.

    • chriscctan says:

      google are just great and it is webmaster friendly too. 🙂 I think you are not the only person to do that, I do sometimes forget about what i was looking for….

  2. aniroy1986 says:

    Bing is good. But still nobody beats Google simply for its simplicity & accurate search results. Look at the those result pages! They load so fast with so easy interface! When you get something so fast with correct results it is hard to move to something lese.

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