D5000 hospitalised (part 3)

Posted: July 29, 2009 in Camera
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I had to send in my poor camera for a fix yesterday after Nikon worldwide issued a Service Advisory Notice for all its D5000 which is identified through the camera’s serial number. This is the first time  i have to deal with something like this and I hoped this is the last. Especially when the camera is still new (2 months old). But one thing for sure, i have to applaud Nikon for taking this initiative to fix this problem rather waiting for the issue to escalate and go out of control.

To my surprise, my dealing with(Linda- KL / Sam – Penang) Nikon Malaysia and (Jessie) Nikon Singapore has been pleasant. I have seen a lot of horror stories online, on both Nikon and Canon and I still recall countless night i spent thinking of this issue. So again, my thumbs up for Nikon for taking care of their customers.

I am gonna collect my camera today (After 1 day of service) and finger crossed….

(part 2) (part 1)

  1. Jim Lee says:

    This good news for the consumer. I love cameras. You have two of the best. Your blog is very insightful.

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