Jumping for joy!!

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Strobist
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We are jumping for joy not because Friday is just around the corner…..but because i had started this blog in mid Jun and it had hit 2200 pageviews so far. I started this blog with photography in mind, to share what i had captured with my camera so you as my audience can enjoy it . I am very much aware of the number of ‘food reviewed’ i had posted and trying hard not to turn this into a food blog (since another favourite of mine is fooddd! 🙂 )

I will also try to post up more technical / experiments article so we can discuss and learn from each others.

And finally, I hoped you like what you see so far, please subscribe to my RSS so you will continue to deceive new write ups/contents deliver to your door step.

As for Andrea, I am not sure why she’s jumping for joy…..maybe monkey see, monkey do? Just kidding…

Have a good day!

we are so happy

  1. Hi
    You have some nice photos there!


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