A Trip Around Balik Pulau

Posted: July 19, 2009 in Food
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Had a day off from work (Monday) so Andrea and I decided to explore Balik Pulau, a little town around 30 minutes drive further up from the Penang airport. The key attraction is the famous Balik Pulau laksa (Andrea’s favourite food!) and due to the expansive land, it’s also dotted with durian orchards.

The drive up was calming with little to no traffic and filled with lush greenary. Along the drive, there were many makeshift stalls selling seasonal fruits: durians, cempedaks, mangosteens, rambutans and even langsats. At a turning off the road, there’s a quiet gem that not many people know about – a place to park your car and benches atop a grassy slope that offers a breathtaking view of Penang island.

We were both eager to try the laksa there which is supposed to be amongst one the best laksa stalls. It’s next to the old Balik Pulau market (which has since moved to the new MPPP building not too far away). Andrea was excited when she saw the stall offering lemak/siam laksa which is hard to find in Penang so we ended up ordering a bowl of each.

The siam laksa was sweet and fragrant, which definitely lived up to its hype. Not being a fan of coconut milk in laksa, I unadventurously ordered the original version and I gave it a thumbs up after my first sip of its soup. Midly spicy, sour and full of fish meat, I loved the soup! One thing we both found amazing was that the laksa noodles were remarkly different from other laksa noodles in town. This version was more textured and chewy that we ended up ordering a third bowl of laksa!







Kim’s Laksa is located at Nan Guang Cafe, (Junction of Jalan Besar, Balik Pulau and Jalan Tun Sardon )- No. 67. Next to Balik Pulau Old Market


Andrea bargaining with Uncle….(i want this, i want that…..)


Haha, for those who have never seen a durian tree before…there you go. This is the closest and the safest distance we got to take the photo. (pic taken along Jalan Tun Sardon)

  1. Kyra says:

    3 bowls of laksa? That has to be some kick ass soup!

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