Sunrise @ Jln Sg Pinang

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Penang
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My second attempt on sunrise on a different location this time. My first sunrise was at QE2. I slept in for this but decided to get out of bed cause I dont get the chance to take sunrise that often. Also lately the weather has been hazey and i dont want to miss out any opportunity to snap some photo if the weather is good.

sunrise at jln sg pinang3

Look at the formation of the clouds, they look so impressive…..

sunrise at jln sg pinang

Photo taken using Nikon D5000

Photo available in flickr_logo_gamma.gif.

  1. Chee Kong says:

    Cool shots, where was the 2nd pic taken?

    • chriscctan says:

      They were taken from the same spot @ Jln Sg Pinang. If you are a Penangites, this area has been recently developed and a few block of semi-D was built due to this. Some are still under construction but you do get morning walker / runners passing by. the view of the photo is on the west side, on the east side, is the sunrise.

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