Wawasan Open University (part2)

Posted: July 6, 2009 in Event & Occasion, HDR
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I was there early for the Learning Carnival 2009, not because i am crazy (everyone sleep in on Sunday morning) but i was thinking of this shot :). Although the weather was weird (drizzle) but i am lucky to be able to capture this shot.

If i were to use normal exposure either the sky or the building will be black out or i have to do alot of post-processing to get the exposure correct. So end up, i took 3 shots +/-2 stops to create this High Definition Range (HDR) image.

Will process the rest of pics tonite, stay tuned…

Link to my blog WOU (part 1)



Performance by High Society




photo in Flickr

  1. clamroll says:

    Looks like your white balance is off in the last photo there. Great skies though!


    • chriscctan says:

      Andy, thanks for the comment. I love the HDR you did. How many pics did you take to merge as HDR? DId you use photomatix?
      I am still very new to HDR and i remember i took that pic with WB on auto, i shuold have play with it to get the right WB.
      I am also figuring out how to take more than 3 pics (+/- stops) to increase the exposure range of the pic.

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