SoFoBoMo (Day1)

Posted: July 1, 2009 in SoFoBoMo
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Even though the events ended on the day i registered, i am determine to get this done. So for the 1st photo, i wanted to link photography to light and life. (well, photography happen due reflection of light by surrounding objects) Hoped you like it. and feel free to comment.


“….photo taken near my condo as I was looking for my 1st subject for SoFoBoMo. It was taken in colour and later convert to B&W in Photoshop through channel mixer, increased green, red and reduce blue. Increasing Red is similar to applying a Red filter over your lens (SLR) to darken the sky while green will lighten tree. To achieve the old age effect, specific colour(coffee black) has been used and some softening & noise added.”

photo in Flickr

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